The Month of Saints

November is known as the month of saints, beginning with the Solemnity of All Saints on November 1st, and it was tempting to name this blog article, “When the Saints go Marching in!” Yes, we hope that by honoring the saints, by asking them to intercede for us for the graces we need, we will one day “be in that number” of the elect. I suspect, however, that the saints, being so holy and perfected in love, are already praying for us, even before we ask for their prayers. Rather than being annoyed when we humbly ask for their help, they are delighted at our request, because now they can do even more for us. They have not changed but remain the loving friends of God. It is our hearts that have become more open to them.

Is it not consoling that we have a multitude of friends in heaven, who love us for love of God, and who ardently want to see us join them one day? What marvelous help God gives us in the communion of saints!

This year we were happy to hear of the beatification of Father Michael McGivney, which took place just down the road from us at the Cathedral in Hartford, Connecticut. And due to a change in the Dominican Liturgical Calendar, we will able to celebrate the feast day of the first (and we think the only) Dominican nun beatified as a martyr. This is Blessed Josefina Sauleda Paulis, who was martyred with many other Dominicans during the Spanish Civil War.

We continue to pray for the Church and our country. May the Spirit of Truth bring peace to our hearts and to the world. Amen!