What makes for our misison as nuns of the Order of Preachers? We do not go out and preach, but spiritually support the other members of the Order with our prayers and sacrifices. Such a life does not make one gloomy! St. Dominic himself was known as a joyful friar. And despite the ordinary difficulties of life, we bear witness that, in the end, a life devoted to God makes one hopeful and joyful!

Our monastery is set upon a small hill off of busy Riverdale Street. Our presence here silently proclaims our faith in God and our desire to belong wholly to him. At the same time our intercessory prayer reaches out to the whole world, begging God to have mercy on all, especially those recommended to our prayers.

In the daily recitation of the Rosary we are led by our Blessed Mother to contemplate the central mysteries of our faith. Through her eyes, and under her mantle, we ponder the life of her Son, Jesus Christ, and the great love by which He suffered and died for our salvation.

He has placed a seal upon my countenance, that I may admit no lover but Him. In the taking of the veil, all contemplative nuns are called to focus their lives on Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. But for Dominican nuns, there is the added emphasis of recognizing Jesus Christ as “the Truth.” Why?

It is a basic tenet of our faith that God made us to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him in this life and be with Him forever in the next. If Dominican spirituality emphasizes the Truth, it is because Dominicans know the Truth matters! If one does not know God, one will not love God; if one does not love God, one will not try to serve Him in this life. If one does not know, love or serve God in this life, one risks being separated from God for all eternity. The truth matters! Souls are at stake! This is our mission as Dominican contemplative nuns: welcoming the Truth in love. And welcoming the Truth in love, as so many of our older sisters demonstrate, brings joy!