June Solemnities

In the month of June the Church celebrates two Solemnities in honor of Jesus: the feast of Corpus Christi and the feast of the Sacred Heart. The following is a short meditation shared by one of our sisters:

In the Eucharist Jesus takes me to the banquet hall where He Himself is the food. It is the gift of God’s friendship love, though mediated through Jesus’ Sacred Humanity. And the wonder is not so much that God dwells in me (for God is everywhere), as that I am given the power to dwell in Him, participating by grace in the inner life of the Most Blessed Trinity. “Eat, friends, and drink,” Jesus tells me, opening the treasures of His Heart, “Drink deep, my dearest friends” (Song 5:1). And I want to remember this and give thanks. “Here, my beloved Jesus, this is for You, all for You,” Yes, eat, my friends, and drink. Drink deep, my dearest friends.

O my Jesus, for the glory and honor of Your Name, I offer You the goodness of Your whole Mystical Body, the Church, Head and members, especially as She will be in eternity: glorious, holy, immaculate, without stain or wrinkle, or anything of that sort.

O my Jesus, for the glory and honor of Your Name, I beg You: save souls! Build up Your Body, the Church, that You might be known and loved and glorified in countless ways by countless souls! Amen!