A special prayer for deliverance from the coronavirus

In these stormy days,let us turn to our Heavenly Father

The Three Hearts

Another prayer of entrustment for these difficult days

Short Prayers for Tough Times

God is there and God cares. Now is a good time to reach out to Him!

Adorn your bridal chamber part 2

The Bridegroom finally came

Adorn your bridal chamber

A Sister prepares candles for our February 2nd procession

What a month!

October 2019

Side by Side

Our new Prioress, Sister Theresa Marie, O.P.

The Sunflower

From a sunflower to a prayer

Why does a woman become a nun?

Vocation: to summon, to call

The Most Holy Name of Jesus

Jesus Savior, Jesus love!

O Glorious Saint Joseph

A March devotion