Honoring our Holy Founder

As August draws near our thoughts turn to our Holy Father, Saint Dominic, whom we honor in several ways during this time of year: through a private community novena, through special readings in the refectory, and of course through the solemn celebration of his feast day on August 8th.

Saint Dominic had a rich personality, and the charism of the Order he founded reflects this. He was deeply contemplative, yet, in his great zeal, always on the go. He could weep for sinners, yet also knew how to cheer the fainthearted with his exuberant joy. He could engage in daydreaming about evangelizing far off lands while, at the same time, going about the practical business of organizing a new religious Order. He would humbly listen to the advice of others, yet acted boldly on his own instincts when his duty as a religious superior required this. It was said that he loved people, and was loved by them in return, but these human friendships were always rooted and sustained by his intense love of God. Though always gentle, compassionate and patient, he was a man consumed by a mission: preaching for the salvation of souls.

Saint Dominic, follower of Jesus Christ, pray for us!

Saint Dominic, singularly devoted to our Blessed Lady, pray for us!

Saint Dominic, most ardent for the salvation of souls, pray for us!